Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring is here!

This weekend we started our garden. Sort of. We've never really done a garden before. So we are starting with heirloom seeds. This weekend we started our bell pepper and two tomato varieties indoors (brandywine and yellow pear tomatoes). More seeds will be started as the season progresses.

I am on the search for a large outdoor dog kennel/run. This will be used not for the dogs, but to add to our chicken run. That way the chickens and dogs can be kept outside together. We'd considered using the kennel for the dogs, and may still decide to do that, but its easier to call dogs into the house than round chickens up and herd them into a coop! They will still have plenty of chances to be loose in the yard, but our run right now is entirely too small for them to be in all day while the dogs are out.

The last part of our spring prep I'm not sure if its the changing seasons or the pregnancy causing it. I'm in a purging frenzy! In the past two weeks I've gotten rid of 5 black trash bags and 2 13 gallon trash bags worth of STUFF. Stuff we didn't need. Clothes, toys, papers, books, etc. Just clutter! And I'm still working on it. My vice is keeping magazines. I need to devote a couple hours to going through my basket of magazines and and purging them. And getting my pictures all in frames. We have a credit with the local home improvement store, too, so I see painting in our future! We'll likely start with our living room/kitchen and our bedroom. The kids rooms desperately need it, but they have to prove that they are done with the drawing on the walls before I expend the energy to fix their rooms up!

Hope to have lots of pictures of our spring progress to share in the future!